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About Us

AcrylaStone, LLC is a wholesale manufacturer and supplier of AcrylaStone products. The company is committed to the development of quality products for the awards market. From interior and exterior plaques and signage to custom and artistic designs, AcrylaStone is dedicated to introducing new and innovative products.

AcrylaStone uses new technology breakthroughs in filling the needs of it's distributors. With this new technology the company is able to offer new materials at lower prices. Because of the lower prices, distributors have available a wide array of products that were deemed unaffordable in the past.

At AcrylaStone, customer service is always the first priority. Customer service representatives are not only knowledgeable and experienced, but they strive to develop a personal relationship with each distributor. Problem solving is always an added focus of the customer service department.

Technology and new product development sets AcrylaStone apart form other suppliers. Responding to today's changing environment is crucial to ensure the continued success of AcrylaStone.

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