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AcrylaStone - Acrylic Award Plaques
AcrylaStates - Acrylic State Shaped Awards AcrylaStands - Exterior Memorial Markers AcrylaStone - Custom Acrylic Awards

AcrylaThins are durable and inexpensive engraving material. AcrylaThins come in many new and exciting colors and patterns, many of which have never been avaible to the awards industry before. They are scratch and dent resistant, and are a great alternative to plastic and metal engraving stock.


AcrylaStone plaques are solid acrylic and have a unique stone look and feel. They are durable and weather resistant and work well for both interior and exterior awards and signage. AcrylaStone is easy to laser engrave and is available in many unique colors.


AcrylaStates are state shaped awards made from AcrylaStone. AcrylaStone is solid acrylic and has a unique stone look and feel. AcrylaStates are two piece, free standing awards that are easy to laser engrave and assimble. They offer a painless, self-centering tongue and groove connection that is simple to glue together once engraved.


AcrylaStands are strong steel stakes designed for holding an AcrylaStone plaque in an outdoor setting. They are crafted from heavy steel and feature a stabilizer at the base to prevent spinning. AcrylaStands are the perfect solution for exterior memorial markers and signage.

Custom AcrylaStone

We can custom cut AcrylaStone into any shape and size you can think of. Let us help you design the perfect award!

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